BMW Accident Assistance Conditions


BMW Accident Assistance includes:
24-hour free hotline service.
Free towing service. (Details refer customer brochure.)
Exclusive expert provides you with assistance in accident managing and claims.
Notifying your BMW dealer or nearest BMW Service Centre of choice.
Taxi fare return. (Details refer customer brochure.)


Service Range
Covered Area
China Mainland, with 150 km flying distance radius from each BMW authorized dealer. Customer can enjoy the assistance service in any location as long as not yet reached BMW authorized dealers (Home, Roadside, on the road or parking area, etc.).
Covered Events:
Car cannot move due to road Traffic Accident.
Covered Vehicles:
All BMW/MINI branded vehicle, no matter the vehicle age.


Customer benefits overview
Home or roadside assistance service
No matter your vehicle cannot drive at home or roadside, BMW Accident Assistance will be rushed to you. If it’s only minor scratch and the vehicle is still drivable, we will give you advice regarding how to handle the accident or let your BMW dealer contact you and provide comprehensive instruction.
Towing service
In case your vehicle cannot move due to road traffic accident, BMW Accident Assistance will send a towing car to tow your car to a BMW approved dealership for repair.
Legal Advice
Service provided via an accredited legal professional following a road traffic accident. Only a first verbal advice will be given, with any further advice or representation (verbal or written) being the Customer’s financial responsibility
Mobility benefit
Ticketing/Taxi, up to RMB100, to pick-up vehicle after repair (If the vehicle was recovered to an authorized BMW Dealer for repairing)


Assistance condition
In case an unfortunate accident and the vehicle is not drivable, please follow below steps:
- First, please make sure the area you are is safe, remain the vehicles involved in place and set up warning flag, assist anybody injured, the next steps are as following;
- Call BMW Accident Assistance on 400 812 9999
- Do not get involved in an argument or discuss who is to blame
- Never admit responsibility at this point, and exchange below information with the other person, including: Name, Address, Telephone, Vehicle plate number, Insurance company, Insurance policy number.
- Take the names and contact details of any witnesses
- Record any damage to your car - If possible, take several spot pictures via cell phone or camera
- Assist the police finish accident report / prove document
And if your vehicle is still drivable, you can also call BMW Accident Assistance, we will inform your BMW dealer, a claim specialist from BMW dealer will approach you and guide you on how to handle it; Of course, you can also contact your BMW dealer directly for necessary support.



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