X1 price list

The sticker prices listed above are the recommended retail prices provided by BMW. There may be changes according to the equipment variance on specific products. Please check with local BMW authorized dealers for detailed information. BMW reserves its right to adjust the sticker prices without prior notice.

* Remark: The car models with an asterisk mark are imported BMW car models.

Complete price list

The new BMW 1 Series(5-door)

118i* Vantage RMB 256,000
118i* Urban line RMB 276,000
120i* Vantage RMB 292,000
120i* Sport line RMB 306,000
125i M* M Sport Package RMB 372,000
M135i* RMB 496,000

The new BMW 2 Series Coupé

218i* RMB 276,000
220i* Vantage RMB 320,000
220i* Sport Line RMB 354,000
M235i* RMB 517,000

The all-new BMW 2 Series Convertible

218i* RMB 325,300
220i* Vantage RMB 371,000
220i* M Sport Package RMB 429,000

The First-ever BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

218i* Vantage RMB 279,900
218i* Sport Line RMB 319,900
220i* Luxury Line RMB 349,900

The first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

218i* Vantage RMB 289,900
218i* Sport Line RMB 329,900

BMW 3 Series

316i Progress RMB 283,000
316i Sport Line RMB 301,000
320i Lifestyle RMB 328,000
320i Sport Line RMB 379,000
328i Sport Line RMB 436,000
328i M Sport RMB 466,000
328i xDrive Sport Line RMB 458,000
335i* xDrive RMB 670,000
ActiveHybrid 3* RMB 668,000

BMW 3 Series Li

316Li MT RMB 296,800
316Li Lifestyle RMB 321,800
320Li Lifestyle RMB 349,800
320Li Luxury Line RMB 396,800
328Li Lifestyle RMB 430,800
328Li Luxury Line RMB 464,800
328Li xDrive Lifestyle RMB 452,800
328Li xDrive Luxury Line RMB 486,800
335Li Modern Line RMB 607,800

BMW 3 Series Touring

320i* Lifestyle RMB 399,600
320i* Sport Line RMB 469,600
328i* M Sport RMB 569,600

BMW 3 Series GT

320i* Vantage RMB 445,000
320i* Line Package RMB 483,000
328i* Line Package RMB 532,000
328i xDrive* Line Package RMB 553,000
335i xDrive* Line Package RMB 698,000

The new BMW ActiveHybrid 3

ActiveHybrid 3* RMB 668,000

BMW 4 Series Coupé

420i* Lifestyle RMB 488,000
420i* Line package RMB 528,000
428i* Line package RMB 596,000
428i xDrive* Line package RMB 620,000
435i* Line package RMB 708,000
435i xDrive* Line package RMB 730,000

The new BMW 4 Series Convertible

420i* Lifestyle RMB 570,000
420i* Line package RMB 610,000
428i* Line package RMB 676,000
428i xDrive* Line package RMB 700,000
435i* Line package RMB 808,000
435i xDrive* Line package RMB 830,000

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé

420i* Lifestyle RMB 480,000
420i* Line package RMB 520,000
428i* Line package RMB 588,000
428i xDrive* Line package RMB 612,000
435i* M Sport RMB 710,000
435i xDrive* M Sport RMB 732,000

BMW 5 Series Li

520Li Prestige RMB 435,600
525Li Vantage RMB 466,600
525Li Luxury Line RMB 499,600
528Li Vantage RMB 550,600
528Li Luxury Line RMB 619,600
528Li xDrive Vantage RMB 576,600
528Li xDrive Luxury Line RMB 645,600
535Li Vantage RMB 688,600
535Li Executive Luxury Line RMB 778,600

5 series pulg-in hybird

530Le Luxury Line RMB 698,600

BMW 5 Series

520i* Prestige RMB 457,000
528i* xDrive Luxury line package RMB 689,000
535i* Luxury line package RMB 703,000
535i* xDrive M Sport RMB 809,000
ActiveHybrid 5* RMB 879,000

BMW 5 Series GT

528i* Vantage RMB 688,000
528i* Luxury Line RMB 738,000
535i* Vantage RMB 828,000
535i* Luxury Line RMB 928,000
535i* xDrive RMB 858,000
550i* xDrive M Sport RMB 1,688,000

BMW 5 Series Touring

520i* RMB 489,000
528i* RMB 656,000
528i xDrive* M Sport RMB 727,000

The all-new BMW ActiveHybrid 5

ActiveHybrid 5* RMB 879,000

BMW 6 Series Coupe

640i* RMB 1,145,000
640i xDrive* RMB 1,175,000
650i xDrive* RMB 1,898,000

BMW 6 Series Convertible

640i* RMB 1,203,000
640i xDrive* RMB 1,233,000
650i xDrive* RMB 1,992,000

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

640i* RMB 952,000
640i xDrive* RMB 982,000
650i xDrive* RMB 1,648,000

BMW 7 Series

730Li* Prestige RMB 903,500
730Li* Classic RMB 956,000
730Li* Luxury RMB 1,023,500
740Li* Vantage RMB 1,223,500
740Li* Luxury RMB 1,418,000
740Li* xDrive RMB 1,333,500
ActiveHybrid 740Li* RMB 1,488,000
750Li* xDrive RMB 1,968,000
760Li* RMB 2,563,500
760Li* Individual RMB 2,703,500

BMW ActiveHybrid 7

ActiveHybrid 740Li* RMB 1,488,000

The BMW X1

sDrive18i MT RMB 259,000
sDrive18i Lifestyle RMB 285,000
sDrive18i Vantage RMB 319,000
xDrive20i Lifestyle RMB 359,000
xDrive20i X Line RMB 398,000
xDrive28i X Line RMB 436,000

The New BMW X3

xDrive20i* Vantage RMB 479,000
xDrive20i* X Line RMB 523,000
xDrive28i* Vantage RMB 582,000
xDrive28i* X Line RMB 618,000
xDrive35i* M Sport RMB 750,000

The all-new BMW X4

xDrive20i* X Line RMB 552,000
xDrive28i* Vantage RMB 610,000
xDrive28i* M Sport RMB 648,000
xDrive35i* M Sport RMB 774,000

The All BMW X5

xDrive30d* RMB 877,000
xDrive35i* Prestige RMB 852,800
xDrive35i* Vantage RMB 938,000
xDrive35i* Character RMB 1,115,000
xDrive50i* M Sport RMB 1,773,000

The All-New BMW X6

xDrive35i* Vantage RMB 938,000
xDrive35i* Luxury RMB 998,000
xDrive35i* Character RMB 1,173,000
xDrive50i* M Sport RMB 1,899,000

BMW ActiveHybrid X6

ActiveHybrid X6* RMB 2,168,000

BMW Z4 Roadster

sDrive20i* Vantage RMB 583,000
sDrive28i* Vantage RMB 671,000
sDrive35i* Luxury RMB 799,000
sDrive35is* RMB 909,000

The all-new BMW M3

M3* RMB 998,000

The all-new BMW M4 Coupé

M4* MT RMB 927,000
M4* Coupe RMB 1,027,000

The all-new BMW M4 Convertible

M4* Convertible RMB 1,130,000


M5* RMB 1,788,000

The New BMW M6 Coupe

M6* Coupe RMB 2,206,000

The New BMW M6 Gran Coupe

M6* Gran Coupé RMB 2,296,000

The all-new BMW X5 M

X5 M* RMB 1,988,000

The all-new BMW X6 M

X6 M* RMB 2,158,000


ALL-NEW BMW i3 Luxury RMB 449,800
ALL-NEW BMW i3 REX RMB 516,800


ALL-NEW BMW i8 RMB 1,988,000
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